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Asher Holman’s blown works serve as a testament to the enduring influence of scientific innovation and the craftsmanship of skilled artisans. These concepts seem almost polar to one another, but through the medium of blown glass he seeks to marry them.  Specifically as these concepts relate to significant man-made constructs, thematically represented in these works through topographical maps and the Fresnel (lighthouse) lens. These intricate glass artworks are a homage to the pioneering spirit of exploration and innovation that defined past eras. He adeptly draws inspiration from these pillars of human ingenuity to breathe life into their work, imbuing it with compelling forms, captivating patterns, and intriguing textures.

Topographic Series

The Topography Series is an artistic tribute to the majestic beauty of topographical maps and the awe-inspiring grandeur of mountains. Each piece is a visual journey, meticulously hand blown to mirror the undulating contours of mountains, valleys, and hills, as seen in topographical maps.

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Lighthouse Series

The Lighthouse Series is a collection of hand blown works of art that pay homage to the intricate optics found within the iconic Fresnel lenses of lighthouses. The optics of the Fresnel lens inside lighthouses represent a marvel of precision engineering and design that has been guiding mariners and ensuring the safety of ships at sea for nearly two centuries. 

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